This recipe comes to us from Creekside.@Creekside

Starter: yogurt with active cultures.
Milk: 2% or whole depending upon desired consistency

Put 5 cups of milk (sheep, goat, or cow) in the top of double boiler. Heat to 185 degrees. Take the lid off the pot and let mixture cool to between 90 – 110. Add 1/2 cup starter (warmed to room temp). A skin will form on the top.

Cook for 9 hours in yogurt cooker.  Remove from cooker and put in strainer to drain whey.  Cover and refrigerate to chill.

To make Greek Yogurt strain longer to make the yogurt thicker.

(Keep in mind that if you are making more starter from your own yogurt, the bacteria strains will become weaker with each batch. At some point you should return to purchased yogurt starter.)

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