Hibiscus Sorrel Tea

Plant 3 hibiscus sabdariffa seeds to a mound in soil enriched with chicken or rabbit manure.  The bushes will grow to around 5 feet tall.  The branches are brittle and should be tied around at about 4 feet with stakes and twine.

Hibiscus will bloom either early summer or early fall.  Flowers will cover the bush and last several days.  Once flowers fade, deep red seed pods appear, which can be harvested by cutting with a pruner.  Remove the seeds.  (This should be done outside as the blossoms may attract ants.)   Dry the pods in a dehydrator for several days.

Pour boiling water over a few dried pods .  Add a few stevia leaves or a tsp of raw honey to counteract the tartness of the sorrel.  Sorrel may be served hot or cold.  Add dried ginger root for a tasty and tangy variation.

We have found that drinking sorrel tea over an extended period of time has effectively lowered our  blood pressure.

a Fairhaven Learning Project