Fermented Veggies

Green beans, Cubana, or Key West Peppers, or other veggie.

Garlic cloves


Red Pepper Flakes


1. Harvest about 2 lbs of green beans or peppers, or veggie of choice.  Remove tips,  strings, stem, and seeds.  

2. Pack beans or peppers cut into thin strips upright in quart and pint wide-mouth Mason jars.  

3. Combine garlic, salt, red pepper, and water.  Pour into jars to cover veggies.  Add weight to make sure veggies are submerged in brine.  Cover with fermentation top.  

4. Keep in a cool dark spot for several days.  Check each day to remove any white mold or excess liquid.  When beans are fermented to taste, cover with standard top and refrigerate.  

Note that if the room temperature is on the warm side, only one day may be sufficient fermentation!

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