Farm Tours

Farm Tours of Bent Pine Farm are available for overnight guests of the Blue Hen Farmstay. Groups up to 6 people – $50

Tour the Farm…Meet the Animals

Charlie Spring 2019

The goats are especially friendly. They are sure you will bring them a treat!

Momma Pig

The hogs would like you to check out the squishy, squashy mud holes they have rooted out with their snouts.

The chickens gather round to dig for treasure at your feet. Tails in the air and tales to tell.

The geese are coy. They strut proudly and will greet you with a welcoming honk.

The ducks will tell you their tale, non-stop!

Terrence the Angora Bunny

The rabbits are silent but curious. Little bunnies so sweet!

The fish are smooth and silent in one way, sharp and flippy in another.

Visit the Farm…See the Food Forest

The fruit will live or die, as it sees fit, without a word. Apples, persimmons, pears, raspberries, blueberries, all go round the mulberry bush.

But, the Fig is King!

The Veggie Garden suffers once more from the unbearable heat of the Florida “Spring – Summer- Fall”. We will all, of necessity, be snowbirds one day!

Two or three years ago we were able to grow fodder for everyone. This is barley. But hot weather brings mold so we haven’t grown any fodder this past year. In the cooler weather that may be coming, we may try again.

Visit the Farm…Explore the Lost Arts

Come explore

nutrition, movement, education, and economics

“How boring!” you say? “Not interested.”

How about this…

food, ensemble, gossip, and art

Sound more interesting? “Tales from the Farm”. Add your tales to the bookshelf.

Farmer Cheese

Sausage Making Folk School Overnight Accommodations

Sofi's Book Salsa-Making Labels for Herb Jars

Come Visit the Farm!

We ask that you make a donation to our non-profit Fairhaven Learning Project.


When can you come by? We’d love to hear from you:
(727) 481-2012

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