Flax Pickin’ Goose & Moose

Here’s the story…     My flick in yesterday’s post was about our new c…n garden. This is it here…

When my good friend pointed out that it’s illegal to grow c…n in Florida, I knew I had to right that wrong.   So, here is the sequel to “C…n Pickin’ Duck & Chicken”.  It’s called “Flax Pickin’ Goose & Moose”.  And yes, I realize there is no Moose in this flick, but let’s all rise above that.

Happy Homesteading,


2 thoughts on “Flax Pickin’ Goose & Moose”

  1. are you Embden geese purebred with blue eyes, orange beak, orange feet? do you sell breeding pairs or fertilized eggs for incubation?

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