Tilapia Oct 2015
Tilapia Nov 2015
New Tilapia Pool Jun 2016
Tilapia Fry Finally! Aug 2016
Tilapia First Catch Sept 2016
Tilapia Harvest Dec 2016
Close One! Jan 2017
New Digs for Fish Mar 2017

Tilapia Highlights –

In Aug 2016 we’ve come full circle. Here is our first school of Tilapia Fry from our own fish…good job!! Looking for leaks in the Tilapia Pool one day, we found a school of little fry under the top ring of the pool. We managed to get about 25 of them into the fry tank. Nothing from the Breeding Pool yet!! Go figure…


A year later

… (June 2016) The Tilapia had far outgrown their home pool. It was impossible to keep up with the sludge and the water was constantly a murky brown. We wanted to start breeding the fish so we purchased a second Intex pool, going from a six foot diameter to ten feet.

The video below is about moving the Tilapia to their new home in June 2016. We now have the ten foot pool for 102 Tilapia and the smaller tank is set up for breeding.

Early Days

(May 2015)
This is the original set up for 100 fry-size Tilapia.

100 Tilapia purchased from Patrick on May 26, 2015. At the end of June they began to eat Duck Weed.

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