Pasture-Making Project

In Spring 2020 we started again to attend to the pasture-rotation situation. Our original pasture was in the Bent Pine Barnyard…the sandpit. Pasturing in 2017.

In a new field behind the Blue Hen Farm Workshop, we relocated Spike (our resident breeding goat buck), Little Goose (the Bully of the flock), Grace (the matriarch), and Gilbert (who, as it turns out, is actually Gilbertina). A Roo came over from the Blue Hen Henyard, where he had been mistreated by the other Rhode Island Red rooster. He recovered well and fit right in with the others. We called it Misfit Field. We began a new pasture there.

The new field came along in a couple of weeks. Seems like we never have enough electric fence for sectioning off…Pasture-Making Post.

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