Bent Pine Farm Kitchen at the Main House

Year 6 Summer 2019

Time marches on and the work on the farm never stops. It is sad to realize what we have sacrificed in the name of convenience – our communities, our families, and our own health and peace of mind. It is even sadder when we don’t realize what we have lost, when we don’t see the importance and the urgency of passing on a sustainable lifestyle to our children and grandchildren.

It requires us to learn about nutrition and re-examine our unhealthy diets. It requires us to reconsider our sedentary lifestyles. If we understand how both of these factors contribute to obesity and dementia, physical and emotional illness, we can circumvent these issues and improve the quality of life for our families.

Nurturing a homestead is hard work, but worth it as a legacy to future generations.

Happy Homesteading,


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