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Apple 2017 – First One !

Today’s excitement was Lily picking the first apple of the 2017 Spring season…an Anna apple…welcome!

Lily and the first apple 2017
Lily and Anna
April 2017

I know it doesn’t really seem exciting …kind of a yawn moment.   But consider – in a hundred years will children pick their own apples from the trees in their backyard or will they believe that apples come from plastic bags in WalMart?

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Hi yesterday was 96!!  Low overnight was 67.
Welcome to “Spring” in West Central Florida!

Building a Food Forest Feb 2017

The Romeo Food Forest is shaping up. Mulberry, Blueberry (high and low bush), Raspberry, Blackberry, Bananas, Apples, Paw-Paws, Goji Berry, Asian Persimmon, mandarin orange, and Plum.

In the Tea Garden Food Forest we have Pear, Nectarine, Peach, American Persimmon, and Lowquat. In the hilltop Garden and in the West Veggie Garden we have two varieties of strawberries finally. There’s an avocado in the Tea Garden and Muscadine Grapes in the small but effective vineyard. Soil-building…

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The Orchards

There are two orchards at Bent Pine Farm. The North Orchard has half a dozen apple trees, all Florida friendly varieties. There are Fuji and Anna and several others that have lost their original tags and will have to be known as “My Favorite”, Seth’s Favorite, Lily’s Favorite, etc. You get the idea.

The apple trees are doing well this year as far as filling out and greening up.






We attribute their magnificence to the duck water that was dumped at the base of each tree every morning for 6 weeks or so, the last time we had a flock of Pekin ducks for sale. (see the post)

The North Orchard also theoretically will produce blueberries (we’ve had a few that we’ve had to fight the birds for. Mostly the birds won.), mulberries, blackberries, raspberries. We also recently rescued the grape vine from the duck pond fence…and are keeping our fingers crossed on that one. Japanese persimmons round out the North Orchard.

The Front Orchard is between the main house and the Barnyard pasture. There are American persimmons, which are not supposed to be as tasty or prolific. Also in the Front Orchard are peaches, pears, and a lowquat.

It’s early days for the Front Orchard. We just planted those trees and almost lost the peaches…too hot. The American persimmon refused to grow until we cut it back.

American Persimmon
American Persimmon never put out a leaf until we cut it back. Come on, really?…we should have realized what the problem was sooner.

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