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Strawberry Saga

I think we finally have a handle on this year’s crop of strawberries. Notice I say this year’s because after these are finished, we will start again with something else and save the space for strawberries every second or third year…crop rotation very important. Can’t figure out how we’re going to rotate the electric fence!

Starting Strawberries Sept 2016 – We had Festival last year, but got very poor yield and the berries that don’t ripen to the top.  Can you picture it?

Strawberries Oct 2016  -The order got mixed up and they were delivered a month early! None of those plants grew after being stored in the fridge for a month.
Strawberries – 3rd Time’s a Charm – Third batch had no leaves, but they were Sweet Charlies so should be okay. Nothing.
It Worked Strawberries Nov 2016 – finally we got strawberries. We figure they cost about a dollar a piece…

Strawberry Struggles – Feb 2017 Now we have nice berries, but the rabbits, or squirrels, like them too!

A bit of electric fence should do the trick…


…oh, and a scarecrow!

Sweet Charley March 2017


Happy Homesteading,


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Strawberry Struggles – Feb 2017

As you can see from former posts, we have struggled the last 6 months with trying to grow strawberries.

Starting Strawberries Sept 2016
Strawberries Oct 2016 The Saga Continues
Strawberries – 3rd Times a Charm?
Ta-Da Strawberries! Nov 2016

We finally got the Sweet Charlies to grow, but it has been slow going since Nov 2016, the last 3 months.
At least now our plants are starting to look much healthier and to put out flowers and fruit.Sweet Charlies Feb 2017






So what’s the issue now?  Nice big strawberries with huge bites taken out of them!  Rabbits?  Yes, or squirrels…

Rabbit height fencing - the answer?Using the extra rabbit height electric fence we had left from the West Veggie Garden,  we enclosed the strawberry rows and hooked up to the Hilltop Pasture fence for power.

Will we finally get strawberries?  Time will tell!

Happy Homesteading,


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