American Guinea Hogs


Hog Feed – Rolled Oats, Barley,  Hog Pellets (16%) Hogs should eat primarily kitchen scraps. Supplement with Hog mix.  We feed ours rice cooked with potatoes and banana skins (from the daily smoothie), plus any leftovers, peels, etc.  Approx. 1 lb a day for each hog.

Keep hogs in a wooded area with filtered sunlight.  Give hogs clean water daily.  They love to burrow and root and dig holes.  Give them hay to build nests in the holes.  Hogs will dig deep holes for nests to keep warm in the winter.  In warm weather fill one or two holes with water.  Bury a kiddie pool to keep the water on the surface.  Hogs like to lay in the mud in the summer to keep cool.  Hogs prefer to be under cover when it rains.  Provide a tarp or roof for covered shelter.

To breed Hogs, move the female into the pen with the male.  Gestation for hogs is 3-3-3.  Three  months, 3 weeks and 3 days. Move the female out of the pen at least two weeks before she is due to give birth.    Litters for American Guinea Hogs are usually  8 – 10 piglets.

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These hogs make real pigs of themselves!

American Guinea Hogs are best for the small homestead. We have four new hogs from 3 litters…a male Alexander Behemoth, and three females, Cheerio, Sweetie and Rachel.

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