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Tea @ 3:00 Event

Register for the “Tea @ 3:00” Event on Tuesday, September 4th.    Bring your favorite Tea Pot with Cozy (if you have one). We’ll have a selection of our own herb teas, hot and cold, for you to sample…and some tea cakes…you get the idea…

Here is a flick about one of our teas…

Sign up for the Tea @ 3:00 Event below. See you then!

Happy Homesteading,

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Interested in Genealogy?

Living History Project
The Living History Project at Thriving Learning Communities
Are you interested in your family history? Do you like to write? If you answer to either of those questions is yes, why not get involved with Thriving Learning Communities Living History Project?

We’re collecting stories about family. Anyone have wonderful tales that they own or that your grandparents have shared? Contact us to find out more about this great project… or visit the Living History project page on the Thriving Learning Communities website. Fill out the contact form there and start the conversation.

Happy Homesteading,

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