The Orchard

Link to the orchard blog post from Sept 2016


Here we are in 2016. A new orchard planting in front…peaches, pears, lowquat, and a persimmon tree that refuses to start anything.

*Update on the Front Orchard persimmon. We cut it back and it is leafing out. Yay!


So, don’t laugh…we only got one apple the first year. Here it is…a Fuji. Lily was in charge of picking it, and it tasted good!

We also have raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, papaya, and avocado. Nothing from any of them yet…be patient.


IMG_1216 Make 'Sorrell' out fo the flowers


This is the Hibiscus plant.   We use the dried flowers to make sorrell, a very tart red-colored drink that contains melatonin.  It is an annual and very sensitive to cold (doesn’t like an unheated greenhouse), so we start over every year.  If you can’t grow your own, you can order the hibiscus flowers from amazon;  we have also found them in a local ethnic grocery store.

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