Chickens – Red Star Hybrid


FeedLayer HensRed Star Hybrids – Organic Layer Pellets

Heritage breeds start laying at about 8 months.  They stop laying when the days grow short in winter, and sometimes in very hot weather.  Red Star hybrid layers start laying at about 4 months and will lay all year round for about 4 years.

FeedMeat Birds – Chick Starter (24%) – Cornish Cross Hybrid – Use cage first two weeks; be careful not to over crowd;  Cornish Cross birds are fast growing and will be ready to butcher in eight weeks, weighing in at about 3.5 – 5 lbs.

Chicks – Chicks will hatch in 21 days in an incubator; provide chick starter 20-24% feed for first two weeks; provide electrolytes in water, change daily; hang heat lamp over cage – not too close, especially if the cage frame is wooden, and away from waterer; note that if the weather is not cold, chicks will move out from under the heat; remove lamp when they no longer gather under it. Provide wood shavings and clean tray under cage daily.  Move to pen at 2-3 weeks.  Provide wood shavings and roost space.  If weather is very cold, locate the heat lamp inside the pen.


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