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Broiler Chickens

Fresh or frozen broiler chickens. These are pasture-raised Cornish Cross birds. Their diets are supplemented with fermented feeds, organic layer pellets, and calcium. They weigh in after processing at 4.5-6 lbs.

Under 5 lbs $12.00

5lbs and up $15.00

Our next batch of processed birds is available for pick up . Bent Pine Farm Please order ahead. (727) 481-2012

Visit the Whimsical Chicken Poultry & Eggs Emporium @ Bent Pine Farm

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feather pen with egg

Momma Hen is Back

Momma Hen emerged from her carefully constructed nest under the tarps in the pole barn today. She once again brings out into the light a flock of baby chicks. Mostly they are Indian Jungle Fowl like her, but this time there is one Easter Egger. Now how did that baby get mixed in? Well, nevermind. She will love them all just the same. Welcome back, Momma Hen!

Red Indian Jungle Fowl are the original chicken breed, and Momma Hen takes her job of raising chicks very seriously. Just like her human counterpart, she encourages the chicks to venture out away from her, but provides a safe haven when they are frightened and run back to hide under her fluffy skirt.

She takes them a little further away from the nest each day, returning several times to nap as they grow. She shows them how to scratch for bugs and seeds and how to stay camouflaged in the bushes when the geese spot hawks in the air. She keeps them just long enough for them to learn what they need to know, and then sends them off on their own at just the right time. Sound familiar?

We see patterns in nature that mirror our own behaviors in the community. It’s important to recognize those patterns and not let our busy lives disrupt them. We have lost a lot of the ideas that our ancestors used to guide their lives. Our families have been torn apart and we care more about creature comforts than building character in our children. We care more about convenience than helping our children develop the skills they need to thrive.

Let’s stay put on the homestead and build the memories that our kids need to realize what’s important and what needs to be done. Maybe that’s what this pandemic is all about.

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Lonely (?) Days on the Farm

Can’t say that staying home has been that bad, except not seeing friends and no Farm Tours. (Ok, that’s bad…but…) There’s always plenty to do on the farm. What’s going on at Blue Hen?



The bunnies have a new home…the Tiny-Tilly fenced in yard. Here they have their own stash of Mexican sunflowers and other goodies. These bunnies are California White / New Zealand cross. They’re lovin’ being out of their cages in the Rabbit Barn. We have two females (Fluffy & Fluffy) and one male, (also Fluffy. Our youngest granddaughter named them). Gestation for a rabbit is 31 days. We’re hoping to have more Fluffies in a couple of months.

Feed your Fluffies lots of fresh greens everyday and hay once a week. Coastal hay is fine. No need to get fancy . Remember that animals will eat what they get used to. Rabbits pellets 1/2 cup a day will give them the minerals and trace elements they need.


We have herb teas by the cup-teabag, the pot-teabag, and by the jar. Click the Shop link to check out our tea selection.

herb tea

Check out our selection of herbs for cooking! Available in 4 oz. and 8 oz. Bulk herbs: parsley, basil, sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme, chives, and bay. These are our own herbs, cut fresh and dried to order.

We have spice mixes for: Curry, Pork & Collards, Pork Roast Rub, Milk Kefir Smoothie, and Beet Pickled Eggs. We have our own Garam Masala.


Eggs for $3.50 / dozen and our own broiler chickens $12 for up to 5lbs and $15 for 5 lbs and over. These birds are free-ranged with supplemental organic, fermented feed. This is what chicken is supposed to taste like! Local pick up.

Mrs. Roo


Indian Jungle Fowl Hatching Eggs – these little beauties are the original chicken. The males are bright colors and the females are great brooders. A whimsical free-range option for your farm… $10 a dozen for these unusual hatching eggs

.Indian Jungle Fowl - the Original Chicken

Quail – Help us rebuild the Quail population that is down almost 80% in the last decade! These birds are fun to keep on your farm for the unusual calls and foraging noises. Remember the “Bob-White” call you used to hear in the woods as a kid? That’s the “Bob-White” quail… a whimsical and social bird.


Eat fresh and fermented foods. Raise and grow as much food as you can. What you can’t produce yourself, buy local.

Establish a healthy “herbal environment”. Use fresh and recently dried herbs in your cooking. Eat Milk Kefir for bonehealth. Drink Herb Teas.

Stay home as much as possible. Stay outdoors as much as possible. Get your Vitamin D from the sun. Just a few minutes a day is all it takes to keep your Vitamin D levels up. Stay active…trail walks or runs in minimalist shoes through the woods. Connect with nature.

OUR 2 Cents

Don’t eat fast or processed foods. Don’t eat sugar.

Keep your immune system healthy and we can get through this tough time.

Happy Homesteading,


Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands