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Welcome to the Lost Arts

“And over here is the Lost Arts House. Come in and see what we are doing to bring back the skills that are disappearing over time.”

It’s always fun to watch the reactions when we have visitors to the Blue Hen Farm – Lost Arts House. Surprise and curiosity mostly, often delight. That’s the most fun!

It’s not your traditional use for a house. But it is a great adventure developing a folk school, especially a non-traditional one. Spinning, weaving, bookbinding, cooking, and music…. everyday goings-on at Blue Hen Farm. And most importantly, storytelling!

Everybody is different, likes and dislikes, perspectives, beliefs, tastes, personalities, homesteads, and stories. We collect stories…from friends, relatives, people we grew up with, people we shared experiences with as we grew, and of course new friends – Tales from the Farm.

Come and see us. Add your family to the bookshelf.