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Rabbits to New Mother Puffy – April 2017

Puffy’s new bunnies – first litter.  She seemed to think that they didn’t need to be covered.  She also wanted all the parsley to herself!  They seem to be growing okay, so her instincts must be guiding the process somehow.  Some Moms take awhile to warm up to their job and show concern for the little ones over themselves. Other Moms never get to that point.

Fluffy on the other hand had 7 kits and has kept them completely covered since birth.  This is perhaps her 6th litter…must be like falling off a log by now.  Some Moms are like Fluffy. You’ve probably noticed that we seem to have lots of bunnies named Fluffy. That’s because the bunnies that Lily adopts all are given the same name…makes it easy to greet them each morning – “Good Morning, Fluffies!”

Happy Homesteading,