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This little Piggy

This little piggy went to market.

This little piggy stayed home.

This little piggy had roast beef.

This little piggy had none.

And this little piggy…well, you know what she did.

American Guinea Hogs are great for the small homestead. Full grown they weigh less than 200 lbs. Hogs love muddle puddles to keep cool, hay to keep warm, and filtered shade. We feed ours rice and food scraps and supplement with pig pellets for trace elements and minerals.

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Livestock for Sale Aug 2018

Available now:

Red Star Pullets – These are great egg layers.  They start at 4 months and lay all year round! Large brown eggs   3 weeks old $4 ea.






Buff Orpington – 6-8 weeks hens and roos $12 ea






Pekin Ducks – 3 months drakes and hens $15 ea

Home on the Range
Some more of the Fam – Pekin Ducks practicing the water techniques.

Embden Geese – 2 – 4 months males & females $30 ea




American Guinea Hogs – males and females – 3 months and 1 month  $40 ea

Rabbits – New Zealand White/California White Cross – 6 month (4) and 1 month (5)  $10 ea


And of course those crazy geese $30


Hogs at Home – Feb 2018

On Sunday Feb 4, 2018 Sweetie welcomed her second litter to the Bent Pine Farm Barnyard. One red and three black piglets joined the gang in the shady woodlot.

The hogs from Sweetie’s first litter are now six months old. Time to separate the girls from the boys. Adding two more hog panels gave us 5 pens, enough for now.

We kid ourselves that we are enclosing the little piglets, who root and dig their way out, squeezing under the fences. Running circles around the older more sophisticated geese, ducks, goats and their Dad, who likes to leisurely forage in the cool shade, they manage to squeeze back under the fence just in time for dinner.

Happy Homesteading,

feather with pig
Happy Homesteading
Alex settling in