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Geese Don’t Climb Trees

The figs are gone from the branches below,
the ones that are easy to reach.
“Too high,” the geese sigh,
With their eyes they beseech…

The fact is that geese don’t climb trees.

“Let us help,” we implore,
as we stretch for the tip.
“Gosh, oh gee,” comes the goose-like plea.
“Be safe, be secure, or surely you’ll trip.

We’re sorry that geese don’t climb trees.”

“The fig is so lovely, just like the goose,
And likewise the taste so sublime.
’Tis a fact of nature that gives us both stature,
And yet we’re unable to climb.”

(It is sad that geese don’t climb trees.)

“Thanks so much for helping today, “
the geese said to us so sincerely.
“Don’t eat fast. Make them last,” we warned.
It’s liable to be your last fig, perhaps yearly!”

Remembering that geese don’t climb trees.

Happy Homesteading,


blog post
from Tales from the Farm

Quite a Noisy Adventure!


Life on the farm has been fairly quiet since my last post. Well, I suppose quiet is not the right word, considering that the geese had quite a rousing sparring match Wednesday!

Here’s what happened: It was the middle of the afternoon; siesta time. All four of the “Gaggle Gang” had come up to the front of the house to drink, preen, and refresh themselves in a tub of water. I was sitting in the front room, studying. Suddenly, an ear-splitting commotion of trumpeting, hissing, and flapping erupted just outside the window beside me! When I looked out, I saw the two largest geese in water bin, locked in each other’s grip, flailing their wings and circling around like wrestling opponents in a ring. The other two ganders were having a conniption about the fight. (Whether in protest or encouragement I do not know.) Before you could say “duck-duck-goose,” every single goose on the farm had joined in the chaos! This all went on for a good ninety seconds or so. The scrapping geese almost managed to knock over a bird feeder! Then, without warning, the fighting stopped. I looked over my shoulder to see a very grumpy sight. Papa had been awakened from his siesta by the noise and was not too happy about it. All he had to do was march up to the screen door and give one smoldering glare to the troublemakers… and everything was still. Okay, “everything” may be a slight exaggeration. Nevertheless, the commotion did stop!

After the geese calmed down, they set about cleaning and preening themselves, which is quite fascinating to watch. They do a very meticulous and thorough job.

Now on to the goats: Sadie lost her voice Thursday morning. She is doing much better now, and slowly getting used to venturing around on her own. If only Cow and Peggy would keep her company instead of butting her around when they see her! They do seem to be adjusting to each other, albeit gradually. Peggy had to have her hooves trimmed; a goat manicure! Emma enjoyed being milked on the new milking stand for the first time! We had to make a trip to the store today; The goats’ “cookie” supply ran out!

One of the chickens was acting strangely at dinner-time, and we thought it might be sick or egg-bound. It was doing fine in the morning, however. We now think it was just dazed from a fight it had with another chicken earlier in the day.

In the Lost Arts kitchen I learned how to make sauerkraut. It involved a great deal of pummeling cabbage into a juicy pulp, mortar-and-pestle style. If you ever need an arm-workout, just make sauerkraut!

Here are more of my various discoveries to inform your little grey cells: 1) Fresh, homemade baguettes are delicious, to say the least! 2) Chickens grow increasingly more annoying; 3) Sunflowers are whimsical; 4) Everything is better with gravy; 5) The rabbits cuddle while sleeping- such an adorable sight!

That is all for now! Until next time,

Sofi Grace