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Snapshot Fall 2017

We’re into December, and it’s going to be a mild winter, they say.  Temps have been in the 80’s for most of November, sometimes high 80’s.   More recently we’ve been enjoying 70’s, but still not much rain since Hurricane Irma in Sept.

It was way too hot for a garden in the summer (high 90’s most days…even the plate flowers wilted! ) The Fall garden looks a little better, if we can keep ahead of the wild rabbits and the ants!

Here’s a peek at some of the goings-on at Bent Pine Farm this past Fall 2017…

So much we’ve learned and so much to learn! Join us in the New Year for our ‘Lost Arts’ Workshops. Try your hand at some of the artisan crafts that are almost lost to the younger generations. Needlecraft and handwork, papermaking and bookbinding, clay arts, creative writing and storytelling.

Our Teddy Bear Project will be going strong and we’ll be looking for people who like to sew to join us as ‘Teddy Bear Crafters’.   You don’t have to be local to Bent Pine to be a Teddy Bear Crafter.   Folks from all over are welcome to join us for this great “sew-in”,   sewing Teddy Bears for hospitalized kids.   And getting paid to sew Bears!  A Win-Win!

And watch for more news about our family vacation events…”Fam-Cations” on the Farm.

In the meantime…

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Christmas Blog Post

Apple 2017 – First One !

Today’s excitement was Lily picking the first apple of the 2017 Spring season…an Anna apple…welcome!

Lily and the first apple 2017
Lily and Anna
April 2017

I know it doesn’t really seem exciting …kind of a yawn moment.   But consider – in a hundred years will children pick their own apples from the trees in their backyard or will they believe that apples come from plastic bags in WalMart?

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Hi yesterday was 96!!  Low overnight was 67.
Welcome to “Spring” in West Central Florida!

Are We Done Yet?!

We had a final (St Patrick’s Day) ‘just barely’ frost last night, low 32.  This time we covered the West Veggie Garden with hay.  That worked well and we had very minimal damage to the warm weather crops…tomatoes, basil, beans.  The strawberries, potatoes, and corn fared well in the Hilltop Garden. High for the day was 63.

We appear to be out of the woods on freezing temps, fingers crossed!

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