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Herbs for your good health

A cup or two of herb tea each day goes a long way toward strengthening your natural immune system, very important as we face the challenge of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But herb mixes for tea can be expensive. It’s a shame to have to buy several different herbs in bulk when you only need a small amount of each to reap the benefits. At Bent Pine we have put together small quantities of various herbs in petite glass jars, enough to make several pots of a variety of teas. You can purchase the glass container with your favorite tea blend and then refill the bottle when you run out.

Check out the different tea mixes, as well as the spice blends for your favorite recipes. Click the Shop link on the top navigation bar to review all the goodies from Bent Pine Farm, or click the SHOP link below.


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Ginger Beer !!

Two weeks ago we made the ‘ginger plant’ (that’s the culture). At this past Blue Hen Tuesday, we made the ginger beer. It’s a great probiotic beverage and a nice addition to our kombucha and water kefir offerings. Its made with fresh ginger root, sugar, and yeast. Non-alcoholic…great fun!

We’ll get the recipe up on the website so that you can have a go…or you can join us on Blue Hen Tuesday!

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T.Feather Pen Post