Mushrooms – Here They Come Again

The heavy rain in recent days has started the Shiitake Mushrooms Logs once again.

Shiitake Mushrooms are one of the most popular of specialty mushrooms. They are high in B Vitamins and also provide Vitamin D.

They support cardiovascular health, improve energy levels and brain function, reduce inflammation and support the immune system.

Use Shiitake Mushrooms in stir-fry or stuff and bake. Add stems to broth for flavor and added nutrition.

Happy Homesteading,


This little Piggy

This little piggy went to market.

This little piggy stayed home.

This little piggy had roast beef.

This little piggy had none.

And this little piggy…well, you know what she did.

American Guinea Hogs are great for the small homestead. Full grown they weigh less than 200 lbs. Hogs love muddle puddles to keep cool, hay to keep warm, and filtered shade. We feed ours rice and food scraps and supplement with pig pellets for trace elements and minerals.

Visit us at Bent Pine Farm. What have you got to learn?

New Signs at Bent Pine

Recent visitors to the Blue Hen Farmstay @ Bent Pine Farm got busy and created new signs for the animals. Mom and the kids painted the masterpieces and Dad added the hardware. Of course, the pigs and goats were thrilled and haven’t stopped talking about the new signage yet!

Thanks, gang!!

Happy Homesteading,


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